Mid Day Meal Scheme

School Mid Day Meal Incharge - Mrs. Asha

The National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education (NP-NSPE) popularly known as Mid Day Meal (MDM) scheme aimed to cover all students in classes (I-VIII) in Govt./ Govt. aided Schools & Madrasas. The MDM scheme began in 1995 with dry meals in the form of fruit bread, baked porridge, raw wheat, rice and sweet/salted Mathis.

Our school provides nutritious mid day meal to about 900 students under Mid Day Meal scheme. It is distributed to the students by the Cook Cum Helpers (Ayas) under the supervision of the class teachers. Cook Cum Helpers (Ayas) are properly dressed with Head Covers, Aprons and Gloves. Food is hygienically served by Cook Cum Helpers (Ayas).