Our Infrastructure


A playground is a integral part of the school. Mental and Physical development and well being is quite necessary for the wholesome development of a personality. Having this in mind, our school has three big playgrounds for the students.


The school library is on the ground floor next to principal’s office. Our school library is enriched with approx 6600 book is all the three language i.e Hindi, English and Punjabi including text book. All the classes have been allotted a specific period for library is which they can read and get the book issued. A number of magazines and important newspaper are displayed – of science, GK, fashion, designing Home Science, English speaking carrier guidance etc.


Music is the universal language of the humanity. It is transcends all barriers and geographical boundaries of the world and metamorphic of an individual into a “Global Citizen” is owned to Music. To gives an “ODE” to the rich and exceptional history and heritage of Music, we have a well equipped Music Room at Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Manimajra Town, Chandigarh. Instruments like Sitars, Harmonium, Tabla, adorn it. Students learn instrumental music with dedication learning of vocal music is also imparted to students from Classes – VI to X. Students of this institution have won many prizes in various interschool competition.


The school has a medical room with a single bed. First aid facility is available. The students of all classes are regularly checked up by a doctor; periodically. Their medical record is being maintained.


Fine Arts room at Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Manimajra Town, Chandigarh is a jewel that adds to the crowning glory of this school. Students of all the classes attend their drawing period here, visualize and are highly impacted by the creative world which has been created for them. It is a “Dream realized” for the students who work here, learn here and would march forward in their liver with Best Possible” in their kitty.


The Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Manimajra Town, Chandigarh has a glorious tradition of planting trees at every celebration and function. The survival rate of plants is nearly 100%. We nurture the nature in true spirit which is reflected by vast green spaces in the school. The credit goes to the visionary guidance at Principal, along with staff and students of the school. As a famous adage goes “Practice is better than percept”, so at Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Manimajra Town, Chandigarh we try to achieve our “Green goals” by practice. Our well maintained green spaces stand witness to our efforts.


The school has adopted the curriculum of all classes as prescribed by NCERT and guided by CBSE from time to time CCE is being followed from classes I to X since 2010-11. Subject committees have been made in school of the entire subject being taught till senior sec. stage. These committees under their respective heads devise new means in formative and summative evaluations to test the students’ Knowledge. The school has well equipped Auto, Electrical, AC, SFT, FD and Computers lab for Senior Secondary Streams, well equipped Math and Science Lab is present in school campus for teaching of these subjects at Pre-Middle & Sec. levels. Computers Lab’s are equipped with audio video projector’s to make teaching more interesting.


Our school provides nutritious mid day meal to about 1900 students under Mid Day Meal scheme. It is distributed to the students by the Cook Cum Helpers (Ayas) under the supervision of the class teachers. Cook Cum Helpers (Ayas) are properly dressed with Head Covers, Aprons and Gloves. Food is hygienically served by Cook Cum Helpers (Ayas).